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Monday, May 24, 2010

Books I Love

I'm a big fan of romance blogs, (massive time sucks they are) and DA, SmartBitches, and AAR have pointed the way to many a good book. But there are some books out there, poorly reviewed by these very popular bloggers, that I just love. The one I keep coming back to is Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning -a book that I love and very poorly reviewed at AAR. It occurs to me if I just based my romance reading on blogs, I would never have found this book or this author. AAR gives it a D and complains about the heroine and the Scottish accent, etc., I think its one of the best romances I have ever read. Another case in point, "Passion" by Lisa Valdez, another excellent book which, had I trusted the opinions of a blogger over at Dear Author, I would never have picked up. Glad I picked it up, before I learned I wasn't supposed to like it.

Here's another example: Cassie Edwards. Okay, she did plagiarize and I am not a fan, but geeze Louise, this woman is a massively bestselling author with readership in the millions. Are all her readers dumb? Or are they seeing stuff there that I don't? And if so, what? I really am interested to hear what fan of Cassie Edwards thinks of her books.

So what about you? What are some books you love that smart people aren't supposed to like?


  1. Over the years, I've found that most of the time I dislike what the critics love and love what the critics trash. So, the rule I follow is: read books or watch movies that I think I'll like and view opinions of others as just opinions, which can't be right or wrong.
    Oh, and good luck with the new blog!

  2. Thanks! Actually thought Lis was the first commentator, but it turns out you are! So I guess you get the honorary "First Commentator" plaque as well as the huge financial reward that goes along with it. :)